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Web Applications

submitted by: admin on 04/17/2024
WujiTech applications are supporting various websites...  Below is a few examples that you can peek into, experience and see how  the WujiTech Environment's unique offerings empower your online visions...   Educational School Environment ...our students, our future...WujiTech...

Welcome to a new twist on data collection and community building

submitted by: admin on 06/07/2013
By Francesco Garripoli   Greetings!  Welcome to WujiTech, a software company that provides a powerful, online software platform to collect data and then use that information to help serve your vision and empower  those who participate in the surveys and evaluations.  We are taking a much different approach that the simple, monkey-style...

What is Brainwave?

submitted by: admin on 04/17/2024
  Let see...what the dictionary says about the BrainWave?   brainwave - (neurophysiology) rapid fluctuations of voltage between parts of the cerebral cortex that are detectable with an electroencephalograph brainwave - the clear (and often sudden) understanding of a complex situation brainwave - bright...

White Paper - IIT University Research on WujiTech Algorithms

submitted by: admin on 01/06/2018
White Paper - IIT University Research on WujiTech Algorithms Centre for Cognitive Science  Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Gandhinagar  PROJECT REPORT 2  Correlating WujiBrainwave data with Standardized Emotional Pictures  January 5, 2017  Researchers  Jaison Manjaly, PhD  Associate...

White Paper - Realtime Brainwave Measurement and Data Analytics

submitted by: admin on 04/28/2016
White Paper - Realtime Brainwave Measurement and Data Analytics A technical document outlining the use of the WujiTech softwares solutions in a research study monitoring user brain output   Click below to download the PDF file for this document

White Paper - WujiTech - Measuring Brain Insights

submitted by: admin on 04/28/2016
  White Paper - Measuring Brain Insights An in-depth overview of WujiTech's Patented software solutions.   Click below to download the PDF file of this document


submitted by: admin on 03/11/2018
MindTracker and WujiBrainwave apps – Welcome to one of the coolest ways to peer into your most powerful organ… your brain! The WujiBrainwave solution is a unique personal brainwave biofeedback system, enabled thru a mobile and cloud-based app that runs on the iPad, Mac and PC. It provides insight into an individual’s state of mind by capturing...

WujiBrainwave app Meters and Algorithms

submitted by: admin on 08/25/2013
Here is an explanation of some key features we include our WujiBrainwave app that users have been asking us about.  If you are into more of the tech and science behind our app then we hope you will enjoy this. The WujiBrainwave app Helical Meters represent visual feedback of the particular brainwave bandwidths of your brain's activity in real time....

WujiBrainwave Promo Video

submitted by: admin on 12/05/2013
This is a video showing the WujiBrainwave app in action.


submitted by: admin on 04/16/2015
This cloud-based customizable platform enables online community building with integrated assessments, data gathering, analytics, reporting, community networking and content management. * Highly secure web-based login * Online Coaching Tools * Interactive and automated feedback * Powerful Content Management System * Community member Surveys *...

WujiTech Brainwave Feedback

submitted by: admin on 04/17/2024 This is a very simple demonstration of how the WujiTech Brainwave Feedback tools can be used to help a user enhance their personal empowerment in the areas of: 1)  Reducing and managing stress 2)  Improving focus and attention skills

WujiTech Data Gathering and Community Building (DGCB) Environment

submitted by: admin on 04/17/2024
By Francesco Garripoli   Greetings! Our focus is on bringing the WujiTech Environment into key areas that can make a positive difference in the world.  The WujiTech Data Gathering and Community Building (DGCB) Environment is a very cool platform for working with large numbers of people and connecting them through transparent data...

WujiTech Enters Health Education

submitted by: admin on 11/15/2013
WujiTech’s team in three countries has worked with the renowned physician Len Saputo, M.D to launch – on 1/1/11 – what may be the Internet’s most unique and interactive health and wellness web experience. is much more that just a “website” as this amazing service is far beyond other sites that have...