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Patient Tracking and Support for Healthcare Professionals

submitted by: admin on 01/21/2018
By Francesco Garripoli With American medical practice now accounting for more medical deaths than heart disease or cancer, it seems appropriate that much focus is being placed on healthcare reform.  You may not have really let that first statement sink in – more people die each year from Western, physician-guided, allopathic medical treatment in...

Products by WujiTech

submitted by: admin on 09/02/2017
WujiBrainwave and MindTracker WujiTech offers a mobile brainwave feedback system solution that combines realtime brainwave technology combined with breakthrough 3D animated software to help gain amazing insights into how the brain works to reduce stress and improve peak performance. find out more ... WujiDashboard The WujiDashboard is...

Professional Coaching

submitted by: admin on 01/21/2018
WujiTech is committed to helping professional coaches reach their maximum potential by working with data in a unique way to empower their clients. Our online software system can help you create effective coaching/mentoring programs for clients that are custom designed for their needs. You will be able to track how they perform over time and they will be...