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By Francesco Garripoli

With American medical practice now accounting for more medical deaths than heart disease or cancer, it seems appropriate that much focus is being placed on healthcare reform.  You may not have really let that first statement sink in – more people die each year from Western, physician-guided, allopathic medical treatment in America than the number of people who die from either cancer or heart disease.  This means that medical treatment can be dangerous to your health.

We are also looking at such mounting costs to keep this ineffective system going that America may not be able to sustain it, or if it does, the country will not have any financial reserves left for necessary growth in other critical areas such as technology, agriculture, infrastructure, etc.  If you want to learn more about this, check out the new book by my dear friend Len Saputo, MD called, “A Return to Healing – Radical Healthcare Reform and the Future of Medicine.”

Doctor Patient Engagement

From my perspective, part of what needs to desperately change is the way physicians, and all healthcare professionals for that matter, engage with their patients. Rooted in the ancient Hippocratic Oath, it is the responsibility and honor of anyone engaged in the health of another to do all they can to facilitate healing.  To me this means good communication, sharing critical information in a timely way, collecting essential data upon client intake and throughout the healthcare relationship… and it means mutual empowerment.  If a doctor does not empower their patient in a compassionate and caring way there will be no real healing.  If the patient can’t empower their doctor with clear feedback, then there will be no growth in their practice.

The WujiTech software is designed to address these key concerns in a powerfully effective way.  It is the combination of an online patient intake and tracking tool with powerful survey features that are not available anywhere else.  Patient records are kept with complete security and encryption and you have complete access to them – with text and images – at any time.  Reports on individual patients can be called up in graph or text form – as well as aggregate data on all your patients or any subset of them based on what you are looking for.  This powerful and easy window into your database is unique and quite useful.  Not only are you and your staff able to look at this data, but you can make some of this data, at your discretion, available to your patients.  This is empowering and will set your practice far apart from others.

Realizing that physicians have less and less time with their patients (spending more and more time on administrative duties) adding one more thing for them or their staff to do seems ludicrous.  But what we see now in doctor/patient relationships is deeply pushing us to ask many questions as to what has happened to real service in healthcare.  So many of us in the healthcare field try our best and want to do all we can for patients, but time is a limited resource.

A Unique Software Solution

The WujiTech software is beautifully automated and is designed with complete empathy for the realities of everyday business in the medical world.  Yes, there is the initial set up, but even that is very straight-forward and once a patient profile and your intakes and evaluations are set up in your WujiTech system, the rest of the process runs on autopilot.  From that point on it will be simply a process of accessing reports on that patient – or the aggregate data collected over time for all or a some of your patients.

Part of the feature of the WujiTech system is a powerful email communication tool.  Sure, you can send an e-newsletter out to all your patients at any time with the click of a mouse… but that’s just the start.  Imagine having an automated tool that sends out critical information to ONLY your patients that will be affected or are targeted for that.  This information can be everything from the latest findings on their medical condition – to sending out a birthday greeting.  It could be a reminder to come in for their next schedule appointment – or recommending that they watch a video clip that will help them in their challenge area.  Imagine finding a product (supplement, prescription, book) or service (workshop, lecture, treatment) that you are offering and being able to direct it to just the patients that will benefit from it.  Targeted market like this has VERY high response and returns.  Imagine all this being done automatically… you just enter the offer into the system.

This tool is NOT a replacement for your billing software.  Let that do what it does best.  But don’t miss out on adding quality, personal service to your patient.  Follow-up is key… and although this system can be highly automated to save you time, the way you set it up can reflect all of your personal caring and uniqueness.

Tracking Survey Graph

The most powerful and unique feature of the WujiTech software may be our Data Tracking toolset.  Many survey/evaluation systems are good at gathering data in snapshot form… but our system has been created from the outset – back in 2002 – with the time dimension integrally built into the data.  This means that you and your patient can watch their progress over time… with full visual feedback.  You can see where interventions took place and what the affects were directly after… and weeks or months down the line.  This is what healthcare is all about – and it will build a deeper relationship with you and your patients with very little extra effort.  Relationship is what your reputation is all about.  This amazing software will help you take your practice to the next level… and take your patients futher along their path to healing.  Click here to learn more

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