White Paper - IIT University Research on WujiTech Algorithms

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White Paper - IIT University Research on WujiTech Algorithms

Centre for Cognitive Science 

Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Gandhinagar 


Correlating WujiBrainwave data with Standardized Emotional Pictures 

January 5, 2017 


Jaison Manjaly, PhD 

Associate Professor of Philosophy and Cognitive Science 

Krishna Prasad Miyapuram, PhD 

Assistant Professor, Cognitive Science and Computer Science


Executive Summary 

The purpose of this project was to test the validity of the data obtained through the WujiBrainwave algorithms pertaining to different brain waves and other states like Joy, Attention etc. In a study conducted for this purpose, participants were shown 60 positive and negative emotional pictures while they wore the Neurosky headset. They were also asked to rate valence and arousal for each picture. The overall activity within each participant’s session in different WujiBrainwave variables for all participants was correlated with activity in every other WujiBrainwave variable as well as overall Valence and Arousal ratings. These correlations showed desirable results. For instance, Stress reduction had a moderate positive correlation with Joy which is expected because Joy usually indicates reduction of stress. Also, there was a weak positive correlation between Joy and Valence that was expected because half the pictures shown to the participants were negative which would not lead to Joy. Delta and Deep meditation have a strong positive correlation as expected and similarly, as expected, Alpha has weak positive correlation with Attention as attention is effortless during the Alpha state. These findings, along with others discussed in the previous section, point towards the validity of the data presented by WujiBrainwave algorithms.


Full research findings can be read in the attached PDF file

IIT Study Correlating WujiBrainwave Data with Standardized Emotional Pictures

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