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WujiBrainwave – Welcome to one of the coolest ways to peer into your most powerful organ… your brain! The WujiBrainwave solution is a unique personal brainwave biofeedback system, enabled thru a mobile and cloud-based app that runs on the iPhone, iPad, Mac and PC. It provides insight into an individual’s state of mind by capturing raw brainwave data and presenting the output real time utilizing animated 3D feedback.  Results are stored in a database to enable analysis and trending over time.  Patented 3D learning games, visually displayed algorithms, and our programmable MindMedia make this application user friendly, highly interactive and appealing to engage with.  Click here to purchase it for yourself.

  • Monitor realtime levels of Joy, Attention and Inner Calm in students, patients, employees and consumers and store the results 
  •  Realtime 3D interactive animation and MindMedia video monitors your brainwave activity
  •  Analyze WujiBrainwave sessions via raw data or MindMedia analysis 
  •  Leverage key findings to improve health, academic performance, employee engagement
  • Ideally applicable for market research
  • Fully integrated with the online WujiDashboard and all its features for powerful back-end management in large-scale applications
  • NEW FEATURE: Performance Tracking - graphically view your brainwave feedback improvement over time.

     How it Works

The WujiBrainwave app tracks Alpha, Beta, Delta, Theta and Gamma brain frequencies in real time utilizing a medical grade, EEG-based headset. Through WujiTech patented algorithms, various levels of attention, inner calm and joy are visually translated and displayed onscreen. This information is retained in a user database and expressed via interactive graphic. The monitoring of brainwave activity is gaining tremendous traction including tracking fatigue, evaluating stress levels, academic peak performance, and monitoring levels of satisfaction..

"This app performs extremely well, and exceeds my expectations. Since I have been working with the WujiBrainwave application, I have been favorably surprised with the features provided. The recorded sessions allow for in-depth analyses of one's brainwave patterns, the associated frequencies (Delta, Theta, Alpha, Beta and Gamma), and the different mental or "mind" states (focus, joy, calm, Schumann Resonance, etc...). I tell you the results can be VERY revealing!! You can see how long each frequency remains statistically significant above a graphed threshold AS YOU ARE RECORDING, AND in dynamic chart form once the session is saved. Very powerful!!  I have been interested in brainwave analysis for over thirty years and my conclusion is that WujiTech is doing things right!! They are leading the effort toward the betterment of humankind in a way that promotes effective introspection, personal knowledge and self-awareness.  FIVE STARS!!!!!  Thanks!!   E.C./KY"

The WujiDashboard is the intelligent back-end software for managing WujiBrainwave sessions and provides a highly personalized “dashboard” environment to display an array of pertinent data for the user and insight to predictive patterns and trends.


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