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Erik Peper Ph.D.

submitted by: admin on 11/12/2014
Erik Peper, Ph.D. is an internationally known expert on biofeedback (applied psychophysiology), holistic health and stress management. He received his BA from Harvard University in 1968 and his PhD in psychology from Union Graduate Institute in 1975. Since 1976 he has taught at San Francisco State University (SFSU), where he was instrumental in establishing the...


submitted by: admin on 01/18/2015
WujiBrainwave – a unique personal brainwave biofeedback system, enabled thru a mobile and cloud-based app that runs on the iPad, Mac and PC, it provides insight into an individual’s state of mind by capturing raw brainwave data and presenting the output real time utilizing animated 3D feedback.  Results are stored in a database to enable analysis...