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Products by WujiTech

submitted by: admin on 09/02/2017
WujiBrainwave and MindTracker WujiTech offers a mobile brainwave feedback system solution that combines realtime brainwave technology combined with breakthrough 3D animated software to help gain amazing insights into how the brain works to reduce stress and improve peak performance. find out more ... WujiDashboard The WujiDashboard is...

Test CMS Content Library Example

submitted by: TestManager on 05/05/2015
This is an example of a typical Content Library Page.   All Content is managed by WujiTech's proprietary CMS (Content Management System.) These pages can be fully edited as is any HTML-based webpage, using images, multimedia content, graphics, and can be designed however you wish. The unique power of the WujiTech CMS is that you can assign...


submitted by: admin on 03/11/2018
MindTracker and WujiBrainwave apps – Welcome to one of the coolest ways to peer into your most powerful organ… your brain! The WujiBrainwave solution is a unique personal brainwave biofeedback system, enabled thru a mobile and cloud-based app that runs on the iPad, Mac and PC. It provides insight into an individual’s state of mind by capturing...


submitted by: admin on 04/16/2015
This cloud-based customizable platform enables online community building with integrated assessments, data gathering, analytics, reporting, community networking and content management. * Highly secure web-based login * Online Coaching Tools * Interactive and automated feedback * Powerful Content Management System * Community member Surveys *...