New MindMedia by Kimba Arem for the WujiBrainwave App

Francesco Garripoli (admin)
03/22/2014   08:09
Kimba Arem is a renowned performer and recording artist; a musician since age seven with classical training...

WujiBrainwave app Meters and Algorithms

Francesco Garripoli (francesco)
08/25/2013   05:54
Here is an explanation of some key features we include our WujiBrainwave app that users have been asking...

FDA Approval of EEG Aid for ADHD

Francesco Garripoli (admin)
07/28/2013   04:57
Dr. Jay Gunkelman passed along this information written by Dr. Ron Swatzyna, a psychologist working with...

NIH Guidance on Brain Monitoring

Francesco Garripoli (admin)
06/06/2013   08:25
National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NHS NICE) has published final guidance recommending...

What is MindMedia?

Francesco Garripoli (admin)
05/13/2013   05:49
  WujiTech's MindMediaTM is any video, audio or combination displayed on screen where...

Brainwave Learning Games

Francesco Garripoli (admin)
05/13/2013   05:42
  WujiBrainWave Learning Games are a unique new class of educational support tools that...