What is mindmedia?

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WujiTech's MindMediaTM is any video, audio or combination displayed on screen where our realtime helical 3D meters display your brainwave output received from raw signals sent by your headset.  MindMediaTM is a new dimension in multimedia where sound and video combine with specific timeline-based text instructions and guidelines that provide users with valuable information about how their brain responded during and immediately after a session with the WujiBrainWave app.  WujiTech is taking applications from developers who are interested in creating their own MindMediaTM for our WujiBrainWave app.  This can range from academic , research and clinical applications to educational/personal development applications.  WujiTech works with developers to make their WujiBrainMedia available for their research orcommercial studies or for sale through our iTunes account to our growing customer base. 





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