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WujiBrainWave Learning Games are a unique new class of educational support tools that utilize state-of-the-art software and hardware technology to actually "monitor" brainwave activity and show it onscreen in real time.  Our goal at WujiTech is to make fun, yet challenging learning tools accessible to those who can benefit from them for academic, research or personal applications.  All our "games" are resident on your Mac, PC or iPad yet they link live to one of our online WujiTech Environments.  This means that all session data is safely stored under your password protected account which you can access from any computer connected to the internet.  The images on this page are actual screen shots of the WujiBrainWave app and the image of the graph above is what a typical "brainwave session" would look like, showing you precise brainwave activity over time during the length of your session (the "game" that you played.)  This type of instant feedback is more than entertaining - it is a window into how your brain responded to specific  text or verbal instructions, visual feedback from interactive 3D imagery, and multi-media stimuli.  The goal is to make the process engaging and fun... this will keep us coming back to use these powerful tools and get the benefit from the neural "wiring" that takes place over repetition and growth through feedback.  Enjoy!





Opus Quark 07/08/2016
Incredible how WujiBrainwave app empowered my brain power and control over it. It also helped me to be conscious about my understanding of joy and how joyful s to improve it!
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