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By Kirk VandenBerghe


If you are doing work in the non-profit service sector – or if you are in a governmental agency and need to work with data collected from your community, the WujiTech software could be a great help to you.

The software that we have developed is being put to good use in Hawaii with the local Hawaiian families who participate in County Government-sponsored support programs. We use it to track a dozen programs from pre-school reading programs to parenting programs and teen mentoring programs. It is used to collect all the intake data and then weekly surveys/evaluations. The software generates awesome printable reports… but when viewed online, you can window into the data in exciting ways. this is great for doing your quarterly and year-end reporting, but we find it is also so empowering to show program participants how they improved over time. that’s the unique part of what we’ve created – the “time” dimension makes the data come alive… and you can view it in dynamic graphs that are very easy to understand.

Powerful Communication Tools

It also has great community building and management features allowing you to work with an unlimited number of emails, communicate with all your vendors, colleagues or program participants – or select subsets – with just a few clicks… this is great for sending out notices or e-newsletters… or notifying just the people who would be interested in an event or information – based on the data that you have collected about them.  There are lots of automated features we’ve designed into this tool, so once you set it, you forget it… and updates and notices go out automatically leaving you more time to do what you do best – get your programs to the people who need them.

The website that you are on now is   This is our company that manages the software. If you visit some of those sites on the home page such as   you will see the software in action. Each website is a “clone” of the main software, customized using internal software switch options, applied to each client’s application for a a truly customized feel.  You can even have this application linked off your website and integrate it easily so graphically it is seamless.

Great Reporting Tools

Here are examples of the reports the that software automatically generates. As long as data is being entered into the system from surveys and evaluations that are taken, fancy reports are available at any moment with just a click. Print versions like this one are quick to generate and made to be easy to photocopy in black and white for distribution.


The onscreen versions are prettier to look at and are in full color, including your graphics or logo icons. You can click on the bars or lines in the graphs to see exactly who answered what… it’s quite nice because in one click you can then email just those people out of your whole database you need to connect to and follow up with.

There’s so much more to share and I hope that we can sit down at a computer together so you can get the feel of this powerful online tool. We can also talk on the phone and as long as we are both at computers that are online, someone on our staff can walk you through things that way.

i know that this tool will be good for you if you are involved in community oriented programs either working with local, state or federal government – or if you are funded by a sponsor or foundation that you need to report to.  If you are already good at data collection, this software can take you to the next level of automating what you are doing and then really using the data in an empowering way.  We work with lots of non-profits to help them write our one-time licensing fee into their grant applications so this part of the expense is funded, and then the monthly maintenance/service/support fee that will keep the software up-to-date for you (updated automatically online) is quite affordable.

Click here to let us know how you’d like to proceed.  Good luck with your good work.

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