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MindMedia is the core of the WujiBrainwave app.

Welcome to WujiTech’s MindMedia… our patented video format that contains embedded software logic designed to help you see how your brain is reacting to any image or sound as you watch or listen in real-time.  Learning how you respond at the “brainwave level” can teach you a lot about yourself, which you can see from the various horizontal Algorithm meters at the right of the screen, the Helical 3D spiral meters at the bottom of the screen… and from the text interpretations that are shown to you as soon as you are finished watching any MindMedia.  Check out the "MindMedia Introduction" video

With your brainwave feedback headset turned on and properly connected, the green ball will appear at the upper left of your screen.  Your headset transmits your brainwave signal to the WujiTech MindMedia and stores it so that you can view your Brainwave Sessions that you choose to Save.  Clicking on “View My Brainwave Session” will take you to your Personal WujiTech Dashboard so you can view your session graphs.  Clicking on the various Algorithm or Brainwave Frequency names will show you the graphs for them.
Experiment with different ways of watching your MindMedia… try relaxing and breathing slow… then try focusing intensely… sense your moods and visualize feeling “Joy”… “Attention”… and “Inner Calm” …with time you will be able to move those Algorithm Meters and make the connection between your conscious mind and your actual brainwave output.
A collection of MindMedia is included with Premium Membership for the WujiBrainwave app… and more are added every month or so.  There are also special MindMedia videos that are created by different users that you can purchase.
You may also enjoy watching the "MindMedia Introduction" video
Enjoy this empowering brainwave feedback MindMedia tool from WujiTech that will help you reach the hidden potential of your brain.
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