Gamma brainwave

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What Are Gamma Brain Waves?

The fastest documented brainwave frequency range is that of Gamma Brain Waves – which oscillate within the range of 40 Hz to 70 Hz.  Gamma Brain Waves have the smallest amplitude on an E.E.G. in comparison to the other four basic types of brainwave frequencies.  Gamma Brain Waves have long been considered the brain’s information and sensory-binding brainwave – or the brainwave that is able to link and process information from all parts of the brain.  Having high amounts of Gamma Brainwave activity has been associated with:  having high levels of intelligence, being compassionate, having high amounts of self-control, and feelings of natural happiness.

Gamma Brain Waves have also been linked to having a great memory and an increased perception of reality.  People lacking in Gamma Brainwaves tend to experience difficulties with learning and mental processing.  Usually people with impaired or retarded mental functioning tend to have significantly less Gamma Brainwave activity than those who have average and above-average intelligences.  There seems to be a correlation with higher amounts of Gamma Brainwave activity and increased brain functioning ability.

How Can You Experience Gamma Brain Waves?


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