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Welcome to an exciting world of WujiBrainWave!


Here is a simple guide of how to play WujiBrainWave game.

Actually, it is very easy to enter the WujiBrainWave relax and have fun :))


1. Create your account

Please register and join the WujiBrainWave Community 


2. Download WujiBrainWave App




When you open WujiBrainWave App, you see this...

Enter your Username and Password, then click OK





4. Choose Your Game

This is a space where you choose your game...

  • BrainMedia Helix 
  • Brainwave Session Helix 
  • Dolphin Mind Meld
  • Dolphin Brainwave Game



5. Let's Play!

Be sure that your headset is on, and it has a good connection with WujiBrainWave.

When you see a message like this, check your headset connection, so that you have a good brainwave signal to play the game.

(this image shows 'Dolphin Brainwave Game') 



Once you have a good headset connection, why not to enter Brainwave Helix Session first!

Here, you can see how your five brainwaves shift and change...

If you would like to learn more on these five different brainwaves, please click below links;

Delta ~ Theta ~ Alpha ~ Beta ~ Gamma

With the Helix Session, you can get familiar with five brainwaves and what their affect on 'Attention', 'Joy' and 'Inner Calm'.  Various combinations of brainwave are creating these WujiTech algorithms...

Can you consciounsly raise each sphere?

Can you bring your 'Joy' level up?




Now you know how your brainwaves dance and shift..

So, let's dive into BrainMedia Helix Session!

An image above shows the Helix Session with one of BrainMedia Apps, 'Dolphins'... BrainMedia provides you various videos/audios as you play with the Helix Session. While watching/listening the BrainMedia, you can see how your brainwaves shift..

BrainMedia gives you an idea of how to shift your level of 'Attention', 'Joy' and 'Inner Calm' based by accessing media tools...

Let's try this!

From "Click here to select a BrainMedia app to play" section, choose 'Baby Dance'...and see how your brainwave and mood shifts... How about viewing 'Slow-Swirl-Calm'?s

Once you know what type of Media affects your 'Attention', 'Joy' and 'Inner Calm', you can use these tools to create your inner ennviornment to support your outer enviornment.  

For example, if you are a student and preparing for an exam, you may want to bring your 'Attention' up.  Once you know what type of Media helps you to raise your attention level, you can work with it to prepare your brainwaves to enter the exam...


Ahhh.... Dolphins are calling you... Let us guide you to enter the Dolphin Mind Meld game!

You can record your brainwave or play without recording. Click your choice and start playing with five dolphins.

Colors of their bubbles show their brainwave patterns. 

Call them closer to you...and see who would like to play with you?

On Right bottom corner, you can also see names of five brainwave. When certain dolphins come closer to you, the name of dolphin (brainwave) blinks.

Which dolphoins come close to you?

Can you call all five dolphins? 

On your computer keyboard, click 'esc' to return Main Menu.

'command + Q' exits the game.

By clicking "Help" icon on right will help you to navigate WujiBrainWave... 


Experiment and observe...

Work with the visual feedback to learn more about accessing your brain potential!


How are you doing?

May we introduce you a next game, Dolphin Brainwave Game?


Let's choose your level...


Play catch


Count your scores :))


When time is over, you can choose to continue

or end the game...





As you wish, you can choose to record your brainwaves and review them later.

This helps you to observe your progress... With these feedback, you can experiment with your next game...

Be sure to come back and play often as we increase our BrainMedia, you will have a chance to experience more media tools.  Once you find the media that you like or support your brainwave frequency, you can purchase them to continue your brainwave experiment.

Thank you for playing with WujiBrainWave!

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