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By Francesco Garripoli


One of the HOTTEST applications of our WujiTech software is in the area of Fitness Clubs and Gyms… especially those that work with membership. The whole focus for people coming to workout is the idea that they want to meet their personal goals. This could range from wanting to lose 5 kilos to preparing for a climb of Mt. Everest. Whatever it is, there is going to be a process involved that will take time, training, dedication and coaching.

The WujiTech Data Tracking and Evaluation software is perfectly designed for the personality types who sign up for a membership at a fitness club and want to see results. It is the incremental results that will keep them coming back, maintaining their membership, and gaining confidence and personal empowerment. So many times people give up and let their memberships lapse because they weren’t able to see the results. There is a complex psychology at work in these situations as everyone is unique and different people are driven – or discouraged – by different things. What is common to everyone though is that facts don’t lie.

WujiTech software is all about data – facts – that your members input themselves. These online Fitness Surveys are easy and quick to complete from any computer – so your members and clients can do this while they are cooling down after a workout, or they can do it at home or in their office. People who workout like to monitor their progress – and the WujiTech software gives them a window into exactly what they are getting out of their fitness program. For you, it is an all-win situation. If they are meeting their goals, you are the hero and there is validation that they are getting their money’s worth out of your membership. If the client is not meeting their goals, you are alerted and with this early warning signal, can help them stay on track – and keep them as a client before it’s too late.

These surveys are unique to WujiTech because we have incorporated the “time” dimension into our data tracking from the onset of our software design. You and your members can not only get a snapshot of where they are at any given moment – but you can watch how they have changed over time. We work with you to create the right kinds of questions for your clientele – and even create different tracking tools for different types of members based on age, personal style, expectations. The software is amazingly intelligent and with it’s many automated features it can make you look great and help your clients feel really taken care of.

This service can be a value-added member benefit which you provide for free… or you can use it as a revenue generating tool. We even have a feature that allows you to have advertisers place strategically located ads that are contextually appropriate for that member. This honors the client, and gives you a powerful income stream to help offset the cost of the software.

Awesome Features and Automated Client Contact

There are too many features to list here, but you can set your system up to run totally automated… or have an unlimited number of personal trainers or fitness coaches assigned to particular members for very customized mentoring relationships. Based on how a client answers the tracking tool questions they are automatically prompted to take each week, they can be uniquely targeted and then:

1) guided to text or video information that will help them
2) given “positive strokes” to keep up the good work
3) told about special offers or new equipment or services right for them
4) prompted to work with a personal trainer to improve on weak areas
5) reminded to check their Tracking Graphs for feedback
6) send birthday, anniversary, or thank you emails

…and all this happens completely automatically and CUSTOMIZED for that particular client so they only get information that is right for them. This builds trust and provides the personal service that sets you apart from your competition.

Click Here to learn more and find out how to integrate the WujiTech software into your business.


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