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WujiTech's value proposition creates more engaged parents, improved teacher performance, and tools to deliver modern, 21st Century curriculum.  These three work in support of smarter, more energized students and a more empowered school administration and teaching staff.

Computer software environment is the domain of our youth.  This is where students are most familiar and comfortable to share and express themselves.  Even – and especially – with those who have little or no computer experience, our applications with youth around the world shows that they welcome tools that are designed to give them the freedom to appropriately express their innate talents and skills.  Through WujiTech online software tools, we see accelerated results in not only academic skills, but also social and life skills that benefit the community and the economy at large.

Overview of the WujiTech Educational Environment (WE2) Software Features

WujiTech is committed to empowering instructors and students in the learning process… learning “how” to learn is just as important as learning “what” to learn in our philosophy.  When a student learns how to learn and is empowered in the learning process – what it takes for them to adopt the best frame of mind, physical health, receptive attitude, and joyful enthusiasm – then they will reach the potential of their academic ability.

Our unique, web-based, online software is an empowerment tool that assists students to observe how they learn and how to become aware of their needs and resources.  Through a careful and strategic query process administered automatically over a given period of time, both the student and their teachers, counselors, tutors, etc. can track exactly when they are reaching their goals and where they need improvement.  The WujiTech Enviroment DGCB – Data Gathering and Community Building – software  and it’s full-featured ISB – Interactive Survey Builder and powerful TDT – TimeLine Data Tracker work together to give you powerful tools to:

  • Create a wide array of online evaluations, study tools, and surveys

  • Collect and analyze individual student data

  • Visual Tracking Graphs that empower students to develop skills

  • Allow full transparency of data for student-empowered self monitoring

  • Collect and analyze aggregate student data

  • Use the powerful Content Management System (CMS) for building an online Library

  • Full multi-media compatible CMS for text, audio, video and downloadable documents

  • Respect Cultural sensitivity and support uniqueness

  • Create real-time bar graph or line graph reports in one click

  • Create Program Communities with thousands of Teachers and Students

  • Communicate with all Program Teachers and Students in one click

  • Construct any level of security required for complete safety

The WujiTech Environment is committed to creating “software for listening,” helping universities, companies, organizations, government agencies, and professional consultants/coaches reach their maximum potential by building community and working with value-based inquiry to flow data in a unique way to empower staff, students, colleagues, clients, customers, subscribers and public program participants.

The structure of our application is based on a typical teaching hierarchy:

WujiTech System Hierarchy of Users Flowchart

Our expertise will help gather critical data from youth and the community and then guide you to work with it to improve your management efficiency, reporting skills, and delivery of resources.

This data can include idea and product concept development, project tracking, customer/client/readership feedback, employee performance/satisfaction monitoring, large-scale private or public surveys, etc. We provide tools for tasks such as creating effective mentoring/coaching programs for new and promoted employees or tracking sales staff performance from week to week.  Clients are using WujiTech software to track government programs funded by grants requiring evaluation reports… and schools are using it to track academic and social development for hundreds of students at a time.  Practitioners in the healthcare industry are using it to not only collect valuable data to help empower their clients, but to also build community around delivering information to people – and people to information.

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