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WujiTech is committed to helping companies reach their maximum potential by working with data in a unique way to empower both management and staff. This data can be everything from customer/client feedback to employee performance/satisfaction surveys. We provide tools for tasks such as creating effective mentoring programs for new and promoted employees or tracking sales staff performance from week to week.

Our unique online software is an empowerment tool that helps staff and management to observe how they perform. Through a careful and strategic query process over a period of time, management, administration, and staff can track exactly where they are reaching their goals and where they need improvement. The WujiTech PDM – Program Database Manager and it’s full-featured ISB – Interactive Survey Builder and powerful TDT – TimeLine Data Tracker work together to give you powerful tools to:

  • Create online evaluations and surveys from simple to advanced
  • Collect and analyze individual employee data tracked over time
  • Collect and analyze aggregate staff data
  • Collect and analyze customer satisfaction survey results and trends
  • Create real-time bar graph or line graph reports in an instant
  • Create multiple Programs with unlimited employees
  • Communicate with all Program Participants in one click
  • Construct any level of security you choose for complete safety

The structure of our application is based on a typical management/mentoring hierarchy:

WujiTech System Hierarchy of Users Flowchart

WujiTech System Hierarchy of Users Flowchart

Our appliction is fully brandable to include your company logo and graphics. It is also customizable in a wide variety of ways so that it can work just as if you had this powerful software written for your specific applications.

Learn about how you can make WujiTech’s PDM one of your core software solutions to improve management and staff performance AND create a powerful way to empower everyone in the process. Click the Contact Us at the top of this page to get in touch with our expert staff and learn more about how to make this tool for for your specific application.

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